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McDonald’s Ennis scoops National disability award


McDonald’s Drive Thru, ENNIS, emerged as the overall winner of the Customer Service Award at the 2010 O2 Ability Awards Ceremony held in Dublin recently.

The Customer Service category is the most keenly contested of all categories at the National Awards Ceremony, and this win for McDonald’s Ennis follows on the heels of McDonald’s Shannon being selected as Overall Winner of the Best Small Company Category in 2008.

The Awards, now in their 4th year and created by disability organisation Kanchi, recognise organisations and business leaders that think and act differently about people with disabilities; seeing an employee’s strengths and abilities over any disability and recognising the economic potential of making their products and services available to all customers. 38 organisations were shortlisted for the award.

Entrant organisations to the O2 Ability Awards underwent a four month in-depth assessment that examines all aspects of employment and customer service, conducted by disability management consultants and Kanchi’s assessment partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Ability Companies were judged by experts in the fields of business and corporate affairs, disability management, equality management and by people with disabilities themselves, before the final winners were selected.

Caroline Casey, Kanchi founder and creator of the O2 Ability Awards said; “When people are recognised for what they can offer or contribute they are valued and respected and in the current economic climate, recognising ability in business is more important than ever. One of the advantages of being an Ability Company is standing out from the competition, attracting new customers and being able to enhance employee and customer loyalty. Our Ability Companies are examples of excellence that other businesses can learn from.

We can and must continue to focus on achieving for all people with a disability an exciting future at work, packed with potential and facilitating the full development of their abilities. Organisations must see the importance of showing leadership and recognising ability and talent over disability. The purpose of the O2 Ability Awards is to provide an environment for continuous improvement and showcase excellence by organisations that champion change in the area of disability at work and in wider society.”